ON DEMAND – Sales Executives: The Essential Shift from Product-Led to Value-Centric

Webinar for Sales Executives with Sherri Sklar

Feb 28, 2024 – 12:00 PM ET

The research is clear. As a sales executive, it is vital to shift your customer engagements from product-led to value-centric. And this should occur from your first outreach through the sale, and onto renewal and expansion discussions. However, this is easier said than done to quickly pivot and get it right.

You can’t just implement some value selling training, develop an ROI calculator or throw a value engineer at the challenge and call it done.

In this webinar, we interview Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and sales performance expert Sherri Sklar, who has successfully made the pivot at several earlier stage firms. We discuss the pitfalls of traditional product-focused approaches and the progressive roadmap you need for value marketing, selling and customer success.

Checkout the On-Demand Webinar here – https://youtu.be/oygEzevfxco

Checkout the Deck used in the webinar here – https://geniusdrive.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/CRO-Webinar-DOCUMENT.pdf

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