ON-DEMAND Quarterly Meetup – Enterprise Value Collective

EVC March 2024 Virtual Meetup

March 13, 2024 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

On March 13, 2024 12PM ET we gathered our first quarterly meetup of Enterprise Value Collective (EVC) members. In this first meetup we discussed the Value Discovery challenge.

When you engage with value early, it sets the stage for value throughout the customer journey. But getting this right is easier said than done.

In this quarterly session we discussed the need for improved Value Discovery – how to overcome the key challenges and what defines best in class.

Co-hosts April Morley and Tom Pisello kicked off the discussion with some important research insights on the topic, and then quickly open up the floor for sharing on Value Discovery challenges, best practices and success.

Some valuable insight articles detailing some topics we discussed:

1) Customer Discovery: A MAP to Guide Your Way – https://geniusdrive.com/customer-discovery-a-map-to-guide-your-way/

2) Mastering Discovery in Sales: Leveraging ESPM Techniques – https://geniusdrive.com/mastering-discovery-in-sales-leveraging-espm-techniques/

3) Improving B2B Sales Discovery with Elevated Credibility, Confidence and Capability – https://geniusdrive.com/improving-b2b-sales-discovery-with-elevated-credibility-confidence-and-capability/

4) Use These Three Benefits for Your Inspited Value Storytelling: Personal, Organizational and Business – https://geniusdrive.com/use-these-three-benefits-for-your-inspired-value-storytelling-business-organizational-and-personal/

5) B2B Sales Leaders: Under Pressure – https://geniusdrive.com/b2b-sales-leaders-under-pressure/

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