Business Value Framework

Quantify Your Differentiating Customer Business Value

Many sales and customer success reps struggle to quantify customer value, often due to the absence of a robust business value model and report. This gap means that the crucial “golden thread of value” often remains unwoven across commercial team engagements—from prospecting and discovery to selling and customer success.

Currently, teams find it challenging not only to compile personalized business value and ROI calculations for each prospect but also to connect these figures with the buyer’s pain points and weave them into a compelling value narrative.

What if there was a better way?

Introducing the Business Value Framework, designed to empower your sales reps and consultants to articulate your unique value convincingly at every stage of the customer journey—from initial engagement and discovery through to value proposal and retention/expansion reviews.
The Business Value Framework creates a complete model and defines essential output reports, an important first step (prior to automation) to ensure that the business value quantification and story are complete and field tested.

Business Value Framework Services

Collaborative Workshops

Engage with your internal sales and marketing leaders to identify key business value discovery questions, use cases, drivers and KPIs.

Framework Development

Create a complete business value framework that supports the entire customer lifecycle, from discovery through to business value assessment, proposal, and customer success transition.

Custom Spreadsheet and Deliverables

Develop tailored business value model spreadsheets and dynamic storytelling presentations for each step in the selling and customer success process.

Benefits Include:

  • Streamlined Communication: Codify the process of value communication and quantification into a concise, actionable framework.
  • Enhanced Buyer Journey: Equip your team with the questions, selections, calculations, and narratives needed for each stage of the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle.
  • Increased Credibility: Gain third-party validation and enhance your credibility with support from Genius Drive.
  • Value Delivery: Provide tangible business value to your customers using intuitive spreadsheets and presentations, with additional customization and automation options available through our Business Value Automation Platform customization and options. Learn More
  • Add Total Value Analysis (TVA) Whitepapers to help engage prospects with value and promote business value assessment engagements.


Transform how your team communicates your differentiating value. Create and embrace a structured, impactful approach with our Business Value Framework. 



Looking to better communicate and quantify your differentiating value to your customers? 
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