Imagine every client has a clear understanding of the challenges to address, the differentiating value you deliver, and a credible business case to drive consensus and quicker approval.

How quickly can your team create a strong business case or proposal?

Typically, sales and customer success teams spend 40 hours working with value consultants to discover value needs, create value-centric presentations and prepare business case proposals, often constrained by resources which restricts value to only a small subsegment of the largest deals.

Value automation solutions leveraged by sellers, success reps and consultants can cut this time to under an hour for custom cases, and revisions can be done in just 15 minutes. All data is stored and tracked centrally, facilitating team collaboration, streamlining workflow, and capturing essential metrics and insights into deals and revenue. 

And leveraged self-service on your website, value automation solutions can empower your prospects directly with interactive assessments and calculators, to help them better understand and prioritize challenges and quantify the differentiating value, ROI and TCO advantages of your solutions.

With value automation, communicating and quantifying business outcomes for every customer is possible, at scale.

Experience value automation at its best. We’ve partnered with  several leading value automation platform providers to help you select the right solution, for the right reasons, and at the right price.

In fact, we wrote the first ever  Value Automation Buyer’s Guide so you can learn more about the available platforms in the market today and guide a confident selection, with our help.

Our expert team will help you select the best, develop the models and framework, build-out and customize your platform with inspiring value storytelling, quantification modeling, and design services.

Plus, we’ll empower your sales, specialist and success teams with training, certification, and deal support, assuring that the value automation is adopted and leveraged to best impact.

Discover how your organization can achieve unparalleled value for every customer, in no time at all.


Discover the extraordinary results achieved by organizations that embrace value automation.
With the right design, training, certification, and unwavering support, you too can achieve great results.


Increased Win Rate


Increased Deal Size


Accelerate Sales Cycle
For every day that you are not delivering value in every customer opportunity,
your deals are closing at less than half of their potential.


Website Value Calculator

Attract new prospects and generate better, more inspired sales opportunities with interactive, self-service value, ROI and TCO calculators.

Deliver personalized analysis reports to fuel engagement and inspire action.

Maturity Assessment

Help customers uncover current challenges and guide improvement plans with an easy-to-use maturity assessment.

Leverage for marketing, to attract, engage and capture more qualified opportunities, and with sellers and success reps to drive more consultative engagements.

Value Proposal Platform

Create value presentations, CFO-ready business cases and customer success reviews at scale.

Store and track value discovery and outcomes data centrally and seamlessly integrate value into your CRM, sales process and workflow.


Value Automation Examples

Interactive Value Lifecycle Assessment

Interactive Value Lifecycle Assessment

How are my value selling, marketing and customer success current practices across the customer lifecycle?

What should my improvement roadmap look like to achieve best impact?

Checkout this Interactive Value Lifecycle Assessment

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K1X ROI Quick Look

K1X ROI Quick Look

How do you turbo-charge your lead-generation, elevate engagements and inspire better opportunity pipeline?

This ROI Calculator example for accounting firm K1x, provides quick and credible value benefit estimates for prospects and drives value marketing campaigns and early sales value engagements.

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Plastic Bank Sustainability Maturity Assessment

Plastic Bank Sustainability Maturity Assessment

How do you best get prospects to understand their challenges and inspire change?

An interactive capability and maturity assessment can provide marketing, sales and customer success with an engagement asset to do just that.

This example for Plastic Bank and their Sustainability Maturity Assessment tool.

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Looking to better communicate and quantify your differentiating value to your customers? 
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