Building the capability, credibility and confidence your team needs for value in every deal.
Even if you’ve hired top-notch talent, your team probably faces challenges in effectively communicating the unique value of your solutions—a struggle shared by over half of today’s sellers, according to Gartner research.
To consistently deliver value at every critical stage—from initial discovery and crafting solutions to developing proposals and sealing the deal, all the way to successful use—your salespeople, specialists, and customer success representatives require new skills and capabilities to truly excel.
This is why we created ValueExpert Training and Certification – to teach new skills AND deliver the confidence and credibility to communicate and quantify value throughout each step of the buyer’s journey.
This is NOT generic value selling training. Each course we deliver begins with our Inspired Value Storytelling framework, which we then customize to your organization.
Whether through live on-site or virtual training and workshops, we teach your team fundamental methods and practices AND arm them with specialized skills in discovery, challenge assessment, value presentation, and business case creation for your unique solutions and buyer personas.


We will upskill your team to get value engagement with more customers, helping you win, retain and grow more.
The ValueExpert Training & Certification includes the following modules:


Looking to articulate value with your customers? Partner with us to accelerate your value journey and maximize your outcomes.