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ON-DEMAND Webinar: Crafting Superior Customer Journeys: Part 2!

Finlistics Webinar

Join us for a joint webinar with Finlistics on the topic of Crafting Superior Customer Journeys. We will dive into how the Chief Value Officer function can help faciliate a full value lifecycle approach.

Date & Time: Nov 8, 2023 01:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)


The journey continues with “Crafting Superior Customer Journeys with a Chief Value Officer – PART DEUX!” It’s time to change the way you approach customer journeys and value management. This interactive webinar will build off the momentum of the value framework established in part one, following up with practical applications.   

Genius Drive founders and value experts Tom Pisello and April Morley will be joining FinListics’ Founder and President, Dr. Stephen Timme to help you revolutionize your customer experience strategies.   Join them for a transformative exploration of challenges with some current value management approaches and the power of a customer-centric focus throughout the entire customer journey.   

During this webinar, we’ll delve into key elements of a value-centric revenue organization. Together we will: 

-Conduct a Value Maturity Assessment

-Develop customer industry insights

-Tailor value propositions for individual stakeholders

-Show solutions and financial benefits

This is not your typical webinar! We encourage you to engage in collaborative discussions during the Q&A session. You are sure to leave with key takeaways that you can put to work in your own strategies. As a special bonus, attendees will receive Genius Drive’s Lifecycle Assessment Guide & Tool AND a FinListics Company Report to help you identify where your solution adds the greatest value on your value-centric customer journey.

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