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Bill Liebler Value Coffee Talk Cover

Episode 12: Leveraging the Language of Value for Selling Success

How much does having the right language help with Value Selling?

In this Value Coffee Talk podcast we chat with veteran Value Leader Bill Liebler (NetSuite Oracle) about the importance of value language proficiency, and how essential it is to better prospect engagements and driving wins.

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Dudley Nostrand on Value Coffee Talk

Episode 10: Cracking the Code on Value Realization

What does it take to get Value Realization right?

In this episode we Coffee Talk with value practice leader Dudley Nostrand about the value realization program he established at SourceGraph, some of the key factors to the programs success, and how he is tackling the challenges that remain.

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Podcast on Value Engineering Changes
Best Practices

Value Engineering: Dramatically Changing in 2024 and Beyond

How is Value Engineering changing in 2024 and beyond?

In this guest podcast, the ROI Guy discusses the key challenges value engineering / consulting groups face, and how value management and enablement are dramatically reshaping over the next 12 months and beyond.

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