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Episode 35: CRO Perspectives – Accelerating Growth with the Right Value Selling Cadence

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Podcast Description

When it comes to growth success, is there a rhythm and playbook that can guide your performance

Absolutely, according to our guest. In this episode of the Value Coffee Talk podcast, Thomas Pisello and April Morley interview Bart Fanelli, a seasoned CRO and co-author of the book ‘Success Cadence: Unleash Your Organization’s Rapid Growth Culture.’ They discuss the challenges faced by sales and customer success teams in the evolving customer landscape and the importance of value-based selling. 

Bart shares his insights on building a cohesive and aligned executive team, the role of change management in driving performance, and the need for continuous learning and skill development. He emphasizes the importance of a value-centric narrative and the impact it can have on the success of an organization.

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  • The conversation with customers and prospects must be real, focused on delivering value, and threaded throughout the organization.
  • Change management is crucial for driving performance and requires a baseline of skills and a narrative that builds trust.
  • Cohesion and alignment among the executive team are essential for success, with a focus on consistent messaging and a value-centric approach.
  • Fundamentals and role-based skills are key to adapting to the evolving customer landscape and outperforming competitors.
  • Continuous learning and skill development are necessary to stay ahead in the market and drive rapid growth.

Sound Bites

“If you’re not threaded in value in almost every aspect internally within your business, and then externally as you’re facing clients and prospects, you’re going to fall behind.”

“Change is about setting a baseline and building trust, and then adding on top of the baseline, building more trust.”

“You have to unlearn everything that you’ve been doing, and you’re going to have to relearn the way we’re building this engine.”


00:00     Introduction and Overview

05:39     Getting Performance Beyond Top Performers

10:54     The Importance of Cohesion and Alignment in the Executive Team

22:39     The Importance of Patient Commitment and Cohesion

29:06     Key Takeaways and Closing Remarks

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