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Episode 8: Evolving from Product Marketing to Value Marketing

Value Marketing with Steve Siegel

Podcast Description

For many early and mid-stage companies, a product led growth strategy reigns. It’s about features, demos and free trials. This can work initially, but once you reach a certain point, you have to evolve to a more value-centric approach.


In this coffee talk we chat with Steven Siegel, a Product Marketing veteran about why this is so important and how he successfully makes the shift.

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The group discusses the challenges of product marketing and the importance of focusing on problems and outcomes rather than just product features. They also explore the symptoms of an ineffective marketing approach and the need to align with the buyer’s journey. Siegel shares his approach for targeting key buying personas and emphasizes the importance of simplicity in messaging. They also discuss the lifecycle approach to marketing, the proactive approach to renewals, and the concept of realized ROI and value.



  • Product marketing should focus on problems and outcomes rather than just product features.
  • Aligning with the buyer’s journey is crucial for effective marketing.
  • Targeting key buying personas and validating messaging with customers is essential.
  • Keeping messaging simple and clear is key to capturing attention and driving engagement.


00:00.    Introduction
00:58.    The Challenge of Product Marketing
02:19.    Talking About Problems and Outcomes
03:30.    Identifying the Symptoms of an Ineffective Approach
04:07.    Taking a Customer Journey Perspective
05:08.    Approach for Targeting Key Buying Personas
06:22.    Dealing with Multiple Personas
06:52.    Getting the Snowball Rolling with Customers
08:13.    Building Messaging Frameworks
10:18.    Lifecycle Approach to Marketing
12:24.    Aligning with the Buyer’s Journey
15:00.    Proactive Approach to Renewals
17:31.    Realized ROI and Value
19:59.    Keeping it Simple
21:15.    Conclusion

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