Episode 9: Optimizing Your Value Discovery

Value Discovery Matt Denton

Podcast Description

Sellers are taught to ask a few questions of discovery, but many times these are not the right questions, focused more on sizing and qualifying the prospect versus finding out what ails them. Instead of a diagnostic, most seller discovery is “solutioning”.

In this valuable coffee talk we interview value enablement leader Matt Denton, to find out how he teaches and enabled his sales teams and value consultants to successfully implement better value discovery.

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The conversation covers topics such as the need for sellers to listen to customers, the role of strategic initiatives in value discovery, and the importance of measuring success. Matt also provides practical advice on how to implement value discovery in an organization.



  • Sellers should focus on listening to customers and understanding their needs, rather than jumping straight to showcasing their solution.
  • Value discovery starts with identifying the strategic initiatives of the customer’s organization and aligning the project with those initiatives.
  • A collaborative process, such as the sailboat exercise, can help facilitate value discovery and prioritize objectives.
  • Measuring success is crucial in value discovery, and sellers should work with customers to define metrics and outcomes.


00:00.    Introduction
00:30.    Challenges in the Sales Process
03:10.    Value Discovery
07:19.    Implementing Value Discovery
18:53.    Creating a Business Case
23:27.    Advice for Implementing Value Discovery

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