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Episode 7: A Customer Outcomes Approach to Value

Value Coffee Talk Cover - Marchelle Varamini

Podcast Description

When establishing a new value program, do you start with pre-sales, post-sales or both?

When you want to be sure your value program has been validated with actual customer priorities, outcomes and proof-points, you need to include post-sale analysis and realized ROI into your value program. In this conversation with value leader Marchelle Varamini we discuss exactly how to use both a pre and post sales approach to value in concert, to best effect.

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In this episode, Marchelle discusses the importance of approaching existing customers differently and determining the value proposition beyond just the product. Marchelle emphasizes the need to involve the entire organization in the value program and to consider the different personas and verticals when crafting the value story. She concludes by highlighting the value program as the underpinning of the go-to-market strategy.



  • Approaching existing customers requires a different conversation and focus on the value they have already achieved.
  • The value proposition should go beyond the product and focus on the transformation and impact on the customer’s business.
  • Involving the entire organization in the value program is crucial for success.
  • Consider the different personas and verticals when crafting the value story.


00:00.    Introduction
01:14.    Starting the Value Program at SAP Concur
04:10.    Approaching Existing Customers Differently
07:32.    Starting the Value Program at Amplitude
11:14.    Determining the Value Proposition
15:24.    Dealing with Different Personas
17:55.    The Importance of a Comprehensive Value Program
19:47.    Closing Remarks

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