Episode 47: Chief Customer Officer Perspectives: Value Leadership with Trust and Transparency

Value Coffee Talk - Greg Peters

Podcast Description

In this episode of the Value Coffee Talk podcast, Greg Peters, an accomplished senior go-to-market (GTM) software and tech executive, discusses the challenges organizations face in building cohesion and vision. 


The discussion with hosts Tom Pisello, the ROI Guy, and April Morley emphasizes the importance of customer success and the need for companies to adapt to the changing market landscape in order to assure renewals and growth. 


Greg shares insights on leading with value, including how to best coach sales engineers and customer success teams to be more value-centric and build trust with customers. He encourages leaders to think differently and focus on adding value to customers.

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  • Building cohesion and vision is crucial for organizations to succeed in the rapidly changing market landscape.
  • Customer success is more important than ever, and companies need to adapt to new ways of serving their customers.
  • Coaching sales engineers and customer success teams to be more value-centric can help them build trust with customers.
  • Leaders should think differently and focus on adding value to customers’ businesses.
  • Being honest, transparent, and setting the right expectations with customers is essential for building trust.

Sound Bites

  • “Passion, curiosity, and creativity are the three biggest traits I look for in sales engineers and customer success teams.”
  • “If you don’t act as a strategic partner and you’re not adding value, no pun intended, to the organization, then why would people see you differently?”
  • “As great as Tableau was, we were also really good at saying, ‘Hey, customer, we don’t do that. That’s not what we do well.'”


00:00   Introduction and Sponsorship

03:01   Challenges in Customer Success and Renewals

06:21   Greg’s Career Path and Goals

09:17   The Role of Passion, Curiosity, and Creativity in Sales Engineering

11:58   The Importance of Trust and Transparency

20:19   Transitioning Sales Engineers to be Value-Centric

26:19   Building Trust and Setting Expectations with Customers

30:10   Final Thoughts and Advice

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