Episode 46: CMO Perspectives: Crafting Your Compelling Value Storytelling

Nancy Maluso Value Coffee Talk

Podcast Description

Why is storytelling so effective for marketing, sales and customer success?

What are the important elements you must include in your differentiating storytelling?

In this episode, Thomas Pisello and April Morley discuss the effectiveness of storytelling in marketing and customer engagement with CMO and GTM analyst expert guest Nancy Maluso.

The trio discuss and explore the elements of a great story, the role of the hero and villain, the importance of purpose, the proper-shape for the story, and the impact of storytelling throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Key Takeaways

  • Storytelling is effective in marketing and customer engagement because it allows people to relate to the content and activates both sides of the brain.
  • A great story must consider the audience, the key takeaway message, the context, and the conflict and resolution.
  • The hero in a story should be the key person the communication is directed to, and the villain should be framed as an obstacle or external factor.
  • Aligning the individual passion or purpose with the overall purpose is critical in storytelling, and the story should have a consistent shape and flow.
  • Storytelling plays a crucial role throughout the customer lifecycle, from prospecting to customer success, and requires alignment and consistency across teams.
  • The value of a good story is measured by its impact on outcomes and the value it delivers to the audience.
  • The key to successful storytelling is to consistently add value in every interaction, whether human or digital.

Sound Bites

“At the very beginning of the journey, value is information. Value is how we help the audience understand the problem.”


00:00     Introduction

01:21     The Effectiveness of Storytelling in Marketing and Customer Engagement

11:34     The Importance of Purpose and Alignment in Storytelling

25:43     Challenges and Solutions in Story Alignment and Consistency

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