Episode 48: Overcoming Common Pitfalls to Building Great Value Selling and Success Teams

Kathryn Landis

Podcast Description

In this episode of the Value Coffee Talk podcast, hosts Tom Pisello (the ROI Guy) and April Morley interview Kathryn Landis, CEO and founder of Kathryn Landis Consulting, about the importance of building and cultivating great teams. 

Kathryn emphasizes that effective teams are crucial for driving commercial success and shares statistics that highlight the impact of ineffective teams on the bottom line. She introduces her framework, the six dimensions of success, which includes elements such as interdependent work, compelling purpose, diverse perspectives, sound structure, supportive context, and coaching. 

Kathryn also discusses the barriers that leaders face in building great teams and provides advice on how to develop a sense of purpose within a team.

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Teams can make or break an organization’s success, and ineffective teams can have a negative impact on the bottom line.

A highly effective team meets or exceeds the needs of the customer, has increasing capabilities over time, and fosters personal learning and growth.

The six dimensions of success for great teams include interdependent work, compelling purpose, diverse perspectives, sound structure, supportive context, and coaching.

Leaders should be intentional about creating a team culture and addressing the conditions that enable team effectiveness.

Coaching is essential for developing effective leaders and improving team performance.

Developing a sense of purpose within a team can lead to increased engagement and productivity.

Sound Bites

“If your team isn’t effective, it can really impact your bottom line and your top line.”

“If you have those things, those three, then you have a strong team.”

“Your teams shouldn’t be either in terms of your direct reporting lines.”


00:00 Introduction and Overview

01:25 The Importance of Building Great Teams

07:01 Creating a Sound Structure and Supportive Context

09:20 Diagnosing Team Issues and Barriers to Building Great Teams

11:42 Developing a Sense of Purpose Within a Team

13:34 The Importance of Coaching in Sales

16:33 Advice for Building Great Teams

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