Episode 45: Value Leader Perspectives – Driving Pre-Sales and Proposal Excellence

Paul Mauritz Value Coffee Talk

Podcast Description

Why has value selling and success moved from a nice to have to a must have? 

In this episode, Phil Mauritz, the Global Senior Director of Pre-Sales at Okta, shares insights on the importance of business value, strategic proposal management, and the impact of a value-centric approach. 

He emphasizes the need for early engagement, data-driven advocacy, and the role of curiosity and empathy in customer interactions. Phil also discusses the significance of leadership, collaboration, and the agency to act within the organization.

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  • Early engagement is crucial for injecting value into customer interactions.
  • Data-driven advocacy is essential for enacting change within an organization.
  • Curiosity and empathy play a significant role in customer interactions and value delivery.
  • Leadership, collaboration, and the agency to act are vital for successful value-centric initiatives.

Sound Bites

  • “Perhaps a customer doesn’t always already, maybe they haven’t signed up to go through a full business value engagement with you. And you need to perhaps illuminate the situation a little bit better by showing them the art of the possible.”
  • “It’s not too late to start and as you start, be sure to be really, really clear about how you gather data, gather all the data that you possibly can at all times.”
  • “The most successful value teams and value organizations will lead with curiosity. They’ll lead with empathy for their customers, genuine curiosity, and they’ll lead with being that strategic advisor to an organization.”


00:00     Introduction and Mission of the Enterprise Value Collective

04:02     The Importance of Value Storytelling and Proposal Management

06:03     Adapting to Changing Market Climate and Value-Centric Approach

08:36     The Vitality of Business Value in Security Organizations

12:03     Measuring Impact and Outcomes of Value-Centric Initiatives

16:07     Driving Successful Adoption and Enablement

24:36     The Role of Leadership and Recommendations for C-Level Leaders

28:08     Final Advice and Conclusion

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