Episode 26: Value Selling for Security Solutions

Rui Miranda Value Coffee Talk Podcast

Podcast Description

When it comes to security solutions, is there a big payoff for taking a value selling approach, and can you actually quantify the value of security to prospects and customers? 

In this episode we tap the expertise of value veteran Rui Miranda, to discuss the need for value selling and how to best implement this for security and fintech solutions.

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In this episode of the Value Coffee Talk podcast, Thomas Pisello and April Morley are joined by Rui Miranda, the Global VP of Value for Feedzai.

They discuss the increasing need for a value-based approach in the past year, particularly in the area of risk protection and security. Rui explains how to quantify the value of risk protection and highlights the importance of balancing friction and agility in risk prevention. He also discusses the impact of fraud and risk on financial institutions and the value of consolidation and simplification in fraud prevention. The conversation concludes with a focus on change management and the importance of realizing value throughout the customer journey.


The past year has seen an increased need for a value-based approach, particularly in risk protection and security.

Quantifying the value of risk protection can be challenging, but it is important to focus on the potential cost of large events and the impact on reputation.

Balancing friction and agility is crucial in risk prevention, as customers expect security without excessive verification processes.

Consolidation and simplification are key in fraud prevention, as they can reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.

Change management is essential in realizing value throughout the customer journey, and it is important to translate value into business impact.


00:00   Introduction

01:34  Changes in the Need for a Value-Based Approach

03:01    Quantifying the Value of Risk Protection and Security

05:30    The Value of Friction and Agility in Risk Protection

07:21    The Impact of Fraud and Risk on Financial Institutions

08:16    The Value of Consolidation and Simplification in Fraud Prevention

09:12    Understanding the Dimensions of Value in Risk Protection

11:25    Building Credibility Around the Business Case

13:21    Challenges in Getting Sellers to Adopt a Value Approach

16:18    Realizing Value in the Customer Journey

19:25    The Importance of Change Management

21:29    One Piece of Advice: Never Underestimate Change Management

22:37    Conclusion

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