Episode 27: Value Realization – A Practical Guide for Customer Success

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Podcast Description

How do you best implement Value Realization and avoid common pitfalls?  

This is a priority question that many Business Value Consulting groups and CROs / Customer Success leaders are seeking to answer. 

To help, we invited value veteran Vikas Mundada from Ping Identity to discuss his journey with Value Realization and post-sale value automation. 

In this frank discussion we  explore how early attempts missed the mark, and how a simpler approach is seeing great success. 

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In this episode, Vikas Mundada, the head of value for Ping Identity, discusses the challenges of renewals and expansions in an uncertain economy. He emphasizes the importance of driving value for customers and optimizing that value into the future. 

The conversation then shifts to the role of customer success and the need to focus on business value-centric metrics. Vikas shares his experience in implementing a realized value model and toolkit to help customer success teams demonstrate the value they deliver. 

He also highlights the importance of simplifying the storytelling process and focusing on the goals and outcomes that matter to customers.


In an uncertain economy, driving value for customers is crucial for renewals and expansions.

Customer success teams should focus on business value-centric metrics, not just technical adoption metrics.

Simplifying the storytelling process and focusing on goals and outcomes can help customer success teams effectively communicate value.

Building a realized value model and toolkit can help customer success teams demonstrate the value they deliver.


00:00   Introduction

00:45   Renewals and Expansions

05:29   Realized Value Model and Toolkit

08:09   Adopting a Simplified Approach

10:42   Customer Adoption of Value Proposition

12:45   Expanding Adoption

16:05   Simpler Storytelling Model

20:02   Closing Remarks

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