Episode 25: A Value Framework for Complex Product Lines and Offerings

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Podcast Description

How do you implement a value consulting and selling program when your product line is so complex – offering multiple solutions for different industries for dozens of decision makers?

In this episode we cover the tactics on how to address this challenge with PTC’s Gino Colonico, long-time value consulting veteran and digital transformation lead.

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In this episode of the Value Coffee Talk podcast, Gino Colonico, a 15-year veteran with PTC, discusses the importance of value in digital transformation. He explains how value has been centered in PTC’s Digital Transformation Team and the advantages of having value in this separate team.

Gino shares the evolution of value programs at PTC and the development of the value framework, which simplifies value conversations and aligns with the customer’s business. He discusses the different dimensions of the value framework and how it applies to various value streams. Gino also talks about the challenges of rolling out and scaling the value framework within the organization.


Value plays a crucial role in digital transformation, enabling organizations to enhance their products, services, and operational excellence.

Having a separate Digital Transformation Team focused on value allows for a more holistic and customer-centric approach.

The value framework simplifies value conversations by aligning with the customer’s business and focusing on products, people, processes, and places.

The value framework can be applied to different value streams, such as new products, standard products, supporting products, and modified products.


00:00    Introduction and Background

01:23    Importance of Value in Digital Transformation

04:06    Evolution of Value Programs at PTC

05:38    The Value Framework

06:20    Dimensions of the Value Framework

09:40    Value Streams and Their Impact

10:49    Transitioning to a Customer-Centric View

13:14    Rolling Out the Value Framework

22:49    Key Takeaway: Simplify Business Value Discussions

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