Episode 23: Is Value Selling a Requirement for Accelerating CPG Success?

Tom Stubbs Value Coffee Talk

Podcast Description

When you think of CPG firms like PepsiCo, implementing value selling is not what comes to mind. But that is exactly the journey that the Pepsico sales enablement team embarked upon, to help transform the way that PepsiCo engaged with retail stores – finding ways to consult and add value with every visit and conversation.

In this episode we grab a coffee with Tom Stubbs, a top performing sales enablement leader, most recently with PepsiCo as the Director of Capability & Executional Excellence, where he spent close to three decades driving sales performance and growth, and implementing an innovative value selling program.

We dive into the unique value selling program and uncover the support he needed and the challenges he and his team had to overcome to garner success

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In this episode, Tom Stubbs, former director of capability and execution excellence at PepsiCo, discusses the importance of value selling in driving sales performance and growth. He emphasizes the need for sellers to understand and address customer needs, build relationships, and provide value beyond just their products. Tom shares his experience in implementing a value selling program at PepsiCo, including the importance of leadership buy-in, cross-functional collaboration, and empowering the sales team. He also highlights the unique challenges and opportunities of value selling in a manufacturing company. Overall, Tom’s insights provide valuable guidance for organizations looking to adopt a value selling approach.
  • Value selling is a key indicator of top performers in sales. Sellers who leverage a value selling approach understand and address customer needs, build relationships, and provide value beyond just their products.
  • Building a culture of value selling requires leadership buy-in and cross-functional collaboration. It is important to align leaders and teams around the value selling approach and create a unified customer-focused culture.
  • Orchestrating value selling across the organization involves mobilizing people, creating unity, and empowering the sales team. This can be achieved through programs like customer trade days, cross-functional collaboration, and training initiatives.
  • Value selling in a manufacturing company presents unique challenges and opportunities. It requires aligning priorities, programs, and challenges to address customer needs and provide value across a wide range of products and categories.
  • The key to successful value selling is empathy, collaboration, and empowerment. Sellers should actively listen to customers, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and empower the sales team with the right training and development.
00:00 – Introduction
01:03 – Value Selling as an Indicator of Top Performers
05:21 – The Importance of Listening and Understanding Customer Needs
07:04 – Building a Culture of Value Selling
09:29 – Orchestrating Value Selling Across the Organization
12:17 – Mobilizing People and Creating Unity
14:34 – Value Selling in a Manufacturing Company
15:49 – Orchestrating Priorities, Programs, and Challenges
20:11 – Empathy, Collaboration, and Empowerment
21:04 – Advice for the Enterprise Value Collective
22:38 – Closing Remarks

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