Episode 22: Growing Business Value Consulting: Making the Case to Executives

Anurag Goel Value Coffee Talk Podcast

Podcast Description

How do you make the case to consistently grow your Business Value Consulting practice? This was the question we posed to Anurag Goel, the Global Head of Value Consulting and Realization at Red Hat and a 4x veteran at Building out Value Consulting and Advisory Teams with Salesforce, Adobe, Deloitte Consulting and SAP. In this episode he gives us insight into his business value program at Red Hat, especially how he assures that the program has executive support, is consistently delivering results and growing as a result.

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In this episode, Anurag Goel, the global head of value consulting and realization at Red Hat, shares insights on establishing and maintaining a value program. He discusses the importance of executive sponsorship, measuring success and impact, and the characteristics of successful value consultants. Anurag also explores career paths in value consulting and offers advice for dealing with executives who may not see the value. The key takeaway is to believe in the power of a value approach and its ability to drive success.
  • Establishing a value program requires executive sponsorship and support.
  • Measuring success and impact can be done through leading and lagging indicators.
  • Successful value consultants possess a combination of management consulting skills, storytelling abilities, and an appreciation for technology.
  • Value consulting can be a stepping stone to various career paths within an organization.
  • Believing in the power of a value approach is crucial for success.
00:00 – Introduction
00:50 – Establishing a Value Program at Red Hat
03:02 – Maintaining Value Programs Amidst Layoffs
05:20 – Measuring Success and Impact
06:20 – Defining Success and Communicating it to the Organization
07:41 – Measuring Incremental Impact
09:12 – Automated Measurement vs. Human Insight
11:10 – Characteristics of Successful Value Consultants
13:33 – Career Paths in Value Consulting
16:23 – Importance of Executive Support
18:41 – Dealing with Executives Who Don’t See the Value
20:40 – Believing in the Power of a Value Approach

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