Episode 21: Leveraging the Power of Value Storytelling

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Podcast Description

How do you advance from good value quantification to even better value storytelling?

In this episode we explore a value leader’s journey from traditional financial justification to  value storytelling. Giuliano Da Silva is our guide, a Senior Director of Value Consulting for customer experience platform firm Genesys, and a long time value marketing, product and services leader.

We discuss the importance of evolving to a storytelling approach, what elements were needed to affect the change, and how. this shift has elevated his value marketing, selling and customer success efforts even further.

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In this episode, Thomas Pisello and April Morley interview Giuliano Di Silva, Senior Director of Value Consulting for Genesys, about value storytelling. Giuliano shares the history and success of Genesys’ value program, which started in 2011. He explains the importance of transitioning from financial selling to value selling and the need to tie business, technical, and financial aspects together. Giuliano emphasizes the value of storytelling in supporting customers’ business cases and the need to take customers on the value journey. He also discusses the involvement of various teams in value consulting and the challenge of scaling value storytelling. The key takeaway is the importance of customer-centric value storytelling.


  • Transitioning from financial selling to value selling is crucial for telling a better story about offers.
  • Value storytelling involves tying together the business, technical, and financial aspects of a solution.
  • Value consulting should be involved throughout the customer lifecycle, including new engagements, renewals, and expansions.
  • Scaling value storytelling requires instilling a value mindset in everyone and standardizing the practice.


00:00.    Introduction
00:50.    Genesys’ Value Program
02:55.    Transition to Value Selling
04:40.    Value Storytelling and Business Outcomes
06:00.   Elements of Value Storytelling
09:46.    Involvement and Lifecycle of Value Consulting
13:19.    Scaling Value Storytelling
15:18.    Building Relationships with the Field
18:48.    Key Takeaway: Customer-Centric Value Storytelling

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