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Episode 20: Delivering on the Promise: Value as a Service

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Podcast Description

When your CEO writes the book Value as a Service, you know you have the executive support you need!

In this episode we interview Dr. Jeff Collins, a 15+ year value veteran, who is currently the Sr VP, leading the value program and delivery for business spend management firm Coupa Software.

We discuss the vital importance of executive support to any program, and several specific value enablement elements that Jeff was able to implement with this support to drive stellar value management performance across marketing, sales, customer success and product groups.

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In this episode, Thomas Pisello and April Morley interview Jeff Collins, Senior VP at Coupa Software, about the concept of value as a service. They discuss how Coupa focuses on delivering measurable business value to its customers and the impact this has on the customer experience. They also explore the importance of storytelling in value delivery and how Coupa leverages automation and data to improve processes and provide industry reports and economic indicators. The episode concludes with Jeff’s advice to constantly strive to tell a better story.



  • Value as a service means delivering measurable business value to customers, rather than just focusing on feature function.
  • Commitment to delivering value can transform the customer relationship from a sales transaction to a partnership focused on improving each other’s businesses.
  • Storytelling is a powerful tool for contextualizing the numbers and making the value proposition more meaningful to customers.
  • Automation and data analysis can help improve processes, provide industry reports, and offer economic indicators for better decision-making.
  • Constantly striving to tell a better story and being data-oriented can yield significant benefits in delivering value.


00:00.    Introduction
01:00.    Defining Value as a Service
02:20.    Commitment to Measurable Business Value
03:34.    Customer Experience with Value as a Service
05:20.    Impact of Value as a Service on Company Culture
07:11.    Creating a Different Approach to Business Cases
08:17.    The Importance of Storytelling in Value Delivery
12:20.    Leveraging Automation to Improve Processes
16:21.    Utilizing Data for Industry Reports and Economic Indicators
19:53.    Proactive Business Cases for Outreach
23:13.    Advice: Strive to Tell a Better Story
24:08.    Closing Remarks

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