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Episode 19: Beat the Bots – Leveraging Value Marketing and Selling to Combat AI Fatigue

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Podcast Description

Recent research by Forrester reveals a startling insight: 70% of B2B buyers feel that their purchase experience is negatively impacted by generic AI-generated content. This suggests that early attempts at using generative AI in B2B sales and marketing are not meeting buyer expectations, and are having a detrimental effect. 

In order to better understand the AI impact on sales, we grab a conversation Anita Nielsen in this episode. As a top LinkedIn sales influencer, sales enablement consultant and author of the book Beat the Bots she has written about and seen the good, bad and ugly of AI selling already, with some poignant advice and insights for us all to take to heart.

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In this episode, Anita Nielsen discusses the current use of AI in sales and marketing and the importance of personalization. She emphasizes the need for salespeople to differentiate themselves and be authentic in their interactions with buyers. Anita also explores how AI can be leveraged for research and personalization, as well as its potential in customer success. She advises organizations to define specific use cases for AI and implement best practices to ensure its effective use. Overall, Anita encourages curiosity and intent in using AI to support customer success and build long-term relationships.


  • Generic AI-generated content in B2B sales and marketing is not meeting buyer expectations.
  • Salespeople should focus on personalization and differentiation to stand out from AI-generated content.
  • AI can be leveraged for research and personalization, but it should be used as a tool to enhance human interactions.
  • Customer success teams can use AI to provide personalized content and support ongoing relationships with customers.


00:00.    Introduction
01:23.    Current Use of AI in Sales and Marketing
03:12.    Leveraging AI for Sales Effectiveness
05:18.    Using AI for Research and Personalization
07:01.    The Importance of Asking the Right Questions
08:09.    AI as a Sales Copilot
09:18.    AI in Customer Success
10:23.    Personalization and Generic Approaches
12:04.    Balancing Scale and Personalization
13:12.    The Impact of Generic Messaging
14:02.    AI in Customer Success
16:01.    Implementing AI Best Practices
17:19.    Defining Use Cases for AI
19:46.    Guiding Sellers in Using AI
21:24.    Curiosity and Intent in Using AI
22:17.    Closing Remarks

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