Episode 10: Cracking the Code on Value Realization

Dudley Nostrand on Value Coffee Talk

Podcast Description

What does it take to get Value Realization right?

Dudley Nostrand is a value leader with SourceGraph, a provider of software developer experience and productivity tools, and a veteran of creating and driving value programs at Ellucian, App Dynamics and BMC.

In this episode we Coffee Talk with Dudley about the value realization program he established at SourceGraph, some of the key factors to the programs success, and how he is tackling the challenges that remain.

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The conversation covers challenges in implementing value realization, the role of customer success, the embedded value realization approach used by Sourcegraph, the impact of the program, and the importance of reiterating goals and strategic alignment with customers. Dudley emphasizes that value realization can be a relationship differentiator and foster long-term customer relationships.



  • Value realization is crucial in customer engagements to demonstrate the value of a product or solution after the sale.
  • Implementing value realization can be challenging due to difficulties in re-engaging with customers and getting them back to the table.
  • Customer success teams should focus on value storytelling and reiterating goals and strategic alignment with customers.
  • Embedded value realization approaches, such as creating dashboards that show the impact of the solution, can be effective in fostering customer engagement and generating interest.


00:00.   Introduction and Mission
01:23.   Importance of Value Realization
02:48.   Challenges in Implementing Value Realization
05:06.   Customer Success and Value Realization
06:36.    Embedded Value Realization Approach
09:12.    Instrumentation and Value Storytelling
12:26.    Impact of Embedded Value Realization
15:21.   Depth of Value Realization
17:32.   Reiterating Goals and Strategic Alignment
20:21.   Value Realization as a Relationship Differentiator
21:23.   Closing Remarks

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