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ON-DEMAND: NYC Value Roundtable – EVC Meetup Event

NYC Event Nov 2nd Update

Event Description

Chief Clubhouse, 13 E 19th Street, New York, NY

November 2, 2023 – 3p to 4:30p

We held this exclusive, live event and meetup of the Enterprise Value Collective in NYC, discussing the launch of the Value Lifecycle Assessment, reviewing the elements and getting your valuable input to further advance the framework and measures. And we discussed the all important challenge of scaling value programs effectively, with insights on what works and best practice sharing.


Value Lifecycle Assessment – Explore the stages of the value lifecycle, identifying opportunities for improvement & expansion.

Change Management – Develop a program that supports self-service adoption and fosters engagement.

Value Automation – Creating scale in your value program with cutting edge innovations.


April Morley – Partner at Genius Drive

Tom Pisello – The ROI Guy, Partner at Genius Drive

Dan Sixsmith – SVP, Value at Mediafly

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