Master Value Selling: New Velocity Interview

Master Value Selling - Cover Tom Pisello

In this interview for the New Velocity podcast series, Tom Pisello – the ROI Guy – discusses what it takes to master value selling and the substantial benefits that can be achieved when you get it right.

Tom shows you how to master value selling in today’s market. Every sales leader, entrepreneur, and business owner needs to understand how to effectively communicate value. From avoiding common pitfalls to implementing storytelling, you’ll learn here how to enhance your sales strategy.

Here’s what is covered in this video:

– The Pitfalls of Value Communication: Learn what mistakes sales professionals often make and how to avoid them.
– The Power of Storytelling: Discover why storytelling is a crucial skill and how to make your customer the hero.
– Building Buyer Confidence: Understand the importance of buyer confidence and how to instill it throughout the sales process.

Here’s what you’ll see in this video:

– Introduction and background (0:00 – 5:00)
– Common sales pitfalls (5:01 – 15:00)
– Storytelling techniques (15:01 – 25:00)
– Building buyer confidence (25:01 – 35:00)
– Q&A and final thoughts (35:01 – End)

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