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Genius Drive Unveils Impactful Value Lifecycle Assessment Model and Tool

Value Lifecycle Framework

Designed to Drive Value Enablement and Management Program Capability and Maturity

Genius Drive, the leading value consultancy, today announced the launch of a pioneering Value Lifecycle Assessment (VLA) framework and tool. This revolutionary capability and maturity model and roadmap seeks to bridge the critical Value Gap, helping solution providers evolve their engagements the way prospects and existing customers want to be engaged: from product-focused to value-centric.

Founded on the insight that a staggering 56% of sellers often revert to discussing solution features and demonstrations rather than focusing on the buyer’s challenges and outcomes, and 88% of Account Managers and Customer Success reps concentrate on adoption metrics rather than realized value outcomes, the VLA provides a roadmap to transform how organizations articulate and deliver customer value.

The VLA offers a comprehensive capability and maturity framework to measure a solution provider’s current value marketing, selling and customer success and guide stepwise refinements for value enablement and constructing an elite Value Office. This office is envisioned as the epicenter of value enablement excellence within an organization, orchestrating cross-functional efforts to ensure a consistent, value-driven approach across all customer interactions.

“Implementing the recommended best practices and roadmap, the Value Lifecycle Assessment marks a shift from reactive to proactive value strategies, helping businesses adapt to evolving buyer needs and sharpen their competitive edge.” according to April Morley, Partner at Genius Drive. “By advancing through the recommended VLA capabilities and maturity levels, organizations can expect to see improved lead generation, increased win rates, larger deal sizes, shorter sales cycles, and enhanced retention and growth.”

Key Features of the VLA:
– Dual Perspective Analysis: Examining both the solution provider’s view and the buyer’s standpoint for a holistic value enablement strategy.
– Comprehensive Assessment: Covering crucial dimensions such as strategy alignment, governance, value measurement and reporting, stakeholder engagement, and continuous improvement.
– Roadmap for Improvement: Identifying value management practice gaps and areas for enhancement, providing clear directives for targeted investments in training, resources, and technology.
– Maturity Model Guidance: Offering a step-by-step progression through planning, implementing, adopting, maturing, and optimizing stages of value enablement and management.

Developed from over three decades of value experience, in combination with the community input of value leaders from the Enterprise Value Collective, the VLA is designed to enhance value enablement across all stages of the customer engagement and buyer’s journey. The VLA framework identifies the essential stages in the buyer’s journey – Attract, Engage, Sell, Retain and Expand – and provides a tailored approach for each stage, ensuring a comprehensive coverage of the entire value lifecycle.

“We’re excited to launch the Value Lifecycle Assessment which we believe will revolutionize how organizations approach value selling, marketing and customer success. By closing the Value Gap, we’re empowering businesses to deeply connect with their customers’ challenges and desired outcomes,” said Tom Pisello, Partner at Genius Drive.

Genius Drive invites all forward-thinking organizations to run the Value Lifecycle Assessment Tool and receive a customized assessment tailored to their unique value practices and maturity.

About Genius Drive:
Genius Drive is a pioneering advisory and consulting firm, committed to empowering B2B solution providers to better articulate value in each customer engagement and throughout the buyer’s journey. From ideating distinct value storytelling, to delivering training, automating processes, and delivering support success, Genius Drive ensures value program acceleration and performance throughout the value lifecycle.

Genius Drive has a proven track record of success with a wide range of clients, including financial services firms like Conversus (a Stepstone Company) and PFM Asset Management (a division of US Bank) and technology platform providers including EverView, Mediafly, Crisp, Sphere Technology, Pigment and K1x.

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About the Enterprise Value Collective:
The Enterprise Value Collective (EVC) is an engaging community at the forefront of value marketing, selling, and customer success. It’s a hub for a diverse range of professionals, from seasoned leaders to hands-on practitioners in sales, marketing, and more. This collective is dedicated to enriching professional growth through the exchange of insights, innovative tools, and best practices in value-centric strategies. United in their goal to master value communication to customers, members advocate for transformative customer engagement strategies that elevate the buyer’s journey.

More information about the EVC can be found at:

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