Genius Drive Introduces the First-Ever Value Automation Platform Buyer’s Guide

Value Automation Buyers Guide

Independent Research Highlights Top 15 Value Enablement SaaS Providers

Genius Drive, a leading value consultancy, is excited to announce the release of the first-ever Value Automation Platform Buyer’s Guide. This comprehensive guide offers an independent research overview of fifteen different value enablement Software as a Service (SaaS) providers.

In today’s uncertain economic landscape, B2B leaders are increasingly incorporating value programs into their marketing, sales, and customer success strategies, in order to better communicate and quantify the value of solutions to ever more frugal customers. These value programs play a crucial role in attracting more opportunities, preventing delayed purchasing decisions, avoiding excessive discounts, and ensuring seamless renewals. 

Automation is a key component of these programs, enabling sellers, success reps, and customers themselves to quantify the potential and realized benefits of their solutions. Value Automation Platforms are essential for scaling these value programs effectively, helping more customers quantify business value outcomes, justify financial decisions, and make informed purchases and renewal decisions.

The guide was developed in collaboration with the Enterprise Value Collective, a group of value-centric leaders in sales, marketing, customer success, consulting, and enablement. It also incorporates insights from interviews and profiles provided by the Value Automation Platform providers.

Key Highlights of the Value Automation Buyers Guide:

  • In-depth analysis of the top 15 providers, including:
    • Cuvama
    • Databook
    • (DecisionLink)
    • Ecosystems
    • Finlistics
    • LeveragePoint
    • Mainstay
    • Mediafly
    • Minoa
    • Qarar
    • ROI-Calc
    • SharkFinesse
    • Spotlight.AI
    • The ROI Shop
    • ValueCore
  • Evaluation of each solution’s history, vision, funding, financial integrity, features, benefits, target audience, differentiators, integrations, key clients, and value lifecycle coverage.

April Morley, Founder & Partner at Genius Drive, emphasized the guide’s significance: “When I was searching for value automation software for the first time, it was nearly impossible to identify all the players, let alone understand their strengths and differences. This groundbreaking Value Automation guide will revolutionize the decision-making process for buyers, offering independent guidance to make the right value program choices.”

“This guide is indispensable for value and revenue leaders navigating the market, aiding them in pinpointing the tools and partners to quantify and communicate unique business value, translate technical features into tangible benefits, and scale value selling programs across their organization,” said Dan Sixsmith, SVP of Value at value automation provider Mediafly.

Tom Meerstadt, VP Marketing at Cuvama, stressed the benefit of the guide for newer value enablement providers: “Understanding what value automation solutions are available and what sets each one apart can be challenging. As a newer provider, this Value Automation Platform Buyer’s Guide helps decision makers in value enablement become more aware of newer options, differentiators, and innovations.”

Doug May, CRO Chief of Staff at Datadog and a long-time Value Program Leader, praised the guidance provided: “As organizations seek to align and automate their value marketing, selling, and customer success efforts, it is invaluable to have an independent buyer’s reference like this one. It ensures that you consider all the available options and all critical capabilities to ensure your success with self-service.  I’ve found that automating value-focused efforts can have an outsized impact on your business.  While leading the Value Acceleration team at Databricks our use of the value automation platform led to a 5.5x greater win rate.”

The Value Automation Platform Buyer’s Guide is available for immediate download at and is provided complimentary upon registration –

About Genius Drive:

Genius Drive is a pioneering advisory and consulting firm, committed to empowering B2B solution providers to better articulate value in each customer engagement and throughout the buyer’s journey. From ideating distinct value storytelling, to delivering training, automating processes, and delivering support success, Genius Drive ensures value program acceleration and performance throughout the value lifecycle.

Genius Drive has a proven track record of success with a wide range of clients, including financial services firms like Conversus (a Stepstone Company) and PFM Asset Management (a division of US Bank) and technology platform providers including EverView, Mediafly, Crisp, Sphere Technology, Pigment and K1x.

More information about Genius Drive can be found at:

About the Enterprise Value Collective:

The Enterprise Value Collective (EVC) is an engaging community at the forefront of value marketing, selling, and customer success. The collective includes leaders in value consulting, sales enablement, sales, marketing, customer success and product. The collective is dedicated to enriching professional growth through the exchange of insights, innovative tools, and best practices in value-centric strategies. 
More information about the EVC can be found at:

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