Introducing the Enterprise Value Collective: A New Community for B2B Value Marketing, Selling and Customer Success


Shared learnings, interviews, insights and events to improve your value articulation and accelerate your value programs.

New York, NY – November 1, 2023 – In a groundbreaking initiative, Tom Pisello, the ROI guy and value expert April Morley, backed by Genius Drive, proudly announce the launch of the Enterprise Value Collective. This independent community aims to become the nexus of thought leadership, discussion, and growth on the topic of B2B value marketing, selling and customer success.

Aimed to help B2B leaders and practitioners in sales, enablement, marketing, customer success, value engineering and consulting, the Collective welcomes anyone with a fervor for better articulating value to their prospects and customers. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a curious individual, the Enterprise Value Collective promises to be the primary hub for gaining insights, attending networking and learning events, leveraging tools, imbibing best practices, and keeping abreast of the latest value program success trends.

“At the heart of the Enterprise Value Collective, we envision a vibrant community of passionate individuals dedicated to evolving from a typical product pitch approach, to a value-centric customer collaboration,” says April Morley. “It’s about more than just sharing information. It’s about fostering deep, meaningful conversations and collaborations to truly amplify the understanding and application of value across B2B solution providers and getting value into each and every marketing, sales and customer success engagement with customers.”

Within the collective, members will find an amalgamation of professionals, enthusiasts, automation providers and experts, each committed to a shared objective: to advance and accelerate using a value-centric approach in all customer engagements, throughout the buyer’s journey.

Tom Pisello added, “In today’s frugal business landscape, being able to articulate the differentiated value of your offering is paramount to winning the deal or losing to no-decision or a more value-focused competitor. Through the Enterprise Value Collective, we aim to create sharing events, best practice frameworks and tools and provide a platform for mutual growth, all while creating lasting, impactful connections and networking opportunities for value enthusiasts.”

The Enterprise Value Collective stands as a testament to Tom and April’s vision of fostering a knowledge-centric community, with the invaluable sponsorship of Genius Drive further accentuating its purpose and reach.

About the Enterprise Value Collective (EVC)
The Enterprise Value Collective is an independent community devoted to championing the dialogue, knowledge-sharing, and growth surrounding value marketing, selling and customer success. The Collective serves as the premier destination for B2B professionals and enthusiasts keen on enhancing their understanding and application of value throughout the customer lifecycle and buyer’s journey.

More information about the EVC can be found at: and at:

About Genius Drive
Genius Drive is a pioneering advisory and consulting firm, committed to empowering B2B solution providers to better articulate value in each customer engagement and throughout the buyer’s journey. From ideating distinct value storytelling, to delivering training, automating processes, and delivering support success, Genius Drive ensures value program acceleration and performance throughout the value lifecycle.

Genius Drive has a proven track record of success with a wide range of clients, including financial services firms like Conversus (a Stepstone Company) and PFM Asset Management (a division of US Bank) and technology platform providers including EverView, Mediafly, Crisp, Sphere Technology, Pigment and K1x.

More information about Genius Drive can be found at:

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