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New Study Highlights the Impact and Adoption Challenges of B2B Value Selling

Adoption and Impact of Value Selling - 2024

Enhanced win rates, larger deal sizes, and faster sales cycles are achievable through a strategic approach

A collaborative worldwide study by the Enterprise Value Collective, the premier independent business value community, Genius Drive, a top value consultancy, and Cuvama, a leader in value automation platforms, has explored the effectiveness of value selling in B2B environments and identified key strategies for optimizing outcomes.

The research, surveying over one hundred B2B technology organizations, demonstrates that sales representatives employing value selling techniques consistently outperform those using traditional, product-focused methods. The findings are compelling: over 80% of surveyed organizations reported measurable improvements in sales performance due to value selling. Specifically, adopting companies and sales reps saw an average 48% increase in win rates, a 35% rise in deal sizes, and a 25% decrease in sales cycle durations. 

Tom Pisello, also known as the ROI Guy and Founder of the Enterprise Value Collective, as well as a Partner at Genius Drive, highlighted, “In an era where 70% of sellers are missing their quotas, this research confirms that value selling not only counters this trend, but significantly enhances sales outcomes, enabling sellers to secure more, larger deals at a quicker pace.”

Despite these advantages, the adoption of value selling remains low, with only 19% of sales representatives regularly implementing this strategy. This gap underscores a substantial opportunity for businesses to elevate their sales performance through widespread adoption of value selling.

Alex Smith, Co-founder of Cuvama, remarked, “It’s clear from the research that there are few more impactful things for a B2B Sales team to focus on than improving their sales team’s adoption of value selling. This means focusing on ensuring that Value selling enablement and platforms are focused on ease of use and sales reps as the primary users. Those who have got this right have seen huge uplifts in their sales performance”

The research indicates that the most successful adopters of value selling have invested in an orchestrated approach across three critical areas: Support, Enablement, and Automation. Leveraging this approach, with each 10% boost in seller adoption of value selling  yields a significant 10% boost in revenue. Getting all customers engaged with a value-approach can result in a 2x boost to revenue overall.

“In order to get value into more customer engagements, it takes a well orchestrated  approach of specialist support, automation and enablement, which this research highlights so well”, says Ken Powell, CRO for fintech firm K1x. “Get it right and you can help customers build extreme confidence in the purchase, and significantly exceed your growth goals, which we have done by leveraging this research’s recommended approach.”

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About the Enterprise Value Collective:

The Enterprise Value Collective (EVC) is an engaging community at the forefront of value marketing, selling, and customer success. The collective includes leaders in value consulting, sales enablement, sales, marketing, customer success and product. The collective is dedicated to enriching professional growth through the exchange of insights, innovative tools, and best practices in value-centric strategies. 

More information about the EVC can be found at:

About Genius Drive:

Genius Drive is a pioneering advisory and consulting firm, committed to empowering B2B solution providers to better articulate value in each customer engagement and throughout the buyer’s journey. From ideating distinct value storytelling, to delivering training, automating processes, and delivering deal support and adoption success, Genius Drive ensures value program acceleration and performance throughout the value lifecycle.

Genius Drive has a proven track record of success with a wide range of clients, including firms like Pigment, Scale Computing, Crisp, Conversus (a Stepstone Company), PFM Asset Management (a division of US Bank), Sphere Technology, and K1x.

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About Cuvama:

Cuvama is the Value Selling Platform built for Salespeople, guiding them to discover pain, sell outcomes and deliver value to customers. The best B2B Sales teams understand that delivering great sales performance means selling value – not products. They rely on Cuvama as the platform to drive better adoption of their discovery and value selling methodologies, resulting in winning 2x more, 43% larger and 30% faster.

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