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Episode 6: ROI Calculator and Sales Tools Success

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Podcast Description

Many organizations would like to scale their value marketing and selling with ROI calculators and sales tools. Build it and they will come right? Unfortunately, you can’t just launch a tool and expect to achieve adoption and success.

In this podcast we interview Michael Farber, founder and CEO of value tool provider The ROI Shop. We discuss the best practices for tool development, training and launch, to assure success.

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Michael shares his journey from being a seller to recognizing the need for a value-focused approach. He discusses the challenges in adopting value selling tools and the importance of keeping them simple. The conversation also covers the use of ROI calculators for websites and the need for a more comprehensive business case value discovery. Michael provides insights into the symptoms that indicate the need for a value-focused approach and offers advice for the Enterprise Value Collective.



  • Adopting a value-focused approach can help sellers differentiate themselves and sell their solutions more effectively.
  • ROI calculators for websites should be simple, logical, and provide believable results.
  • Rolling out value-focused tools requires support from sales leadership and executive leadership.
  • Enabling better interaction and collaboration among sellers can improve the adoption and effectiveness of value-focused tools.
  • The key to success is to jump in with both feet, keep it simple, and focus on the two main reasons companies buy: making money or saving money.


00:00.     Introduction
00:50.    Michael’s Epiphany
03:23.    Automating the Value Approach
05:14.    Challenges in Adopting Value Selling Tools
08:34.    ROI Calculators for Websites
10:11.    Assuring Success of Value Marketing Efforts
11:45.    Beyond ROI: Business Case Value Discovery
14:21.    Symptoms of Needing a Value-Focused Approach
15:58.    Rollout and Adoption Challenges
18:22.    Enabling Better Interaction and Collaboration
20:17.    Advice for the Enterprise Value Collective
21:41.    Conclusion

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