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Episode 5: ROI vs. Business Case

Value Coffee Talk Cover - Yokelson

Podcast Description

There’s a big effectiveness difference between Return on Investment (ROI) and a Business Case.

In this podcast interview we chat with David Yockelson, a distinguished VP and honored Fellow for research firm Gartner, where he covers the art and science of product marketing and Value. We dive deep into the shortfalls of a typical ROI approach to Value and why thinking about Value in terms of  a business case is so important to your success.

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In this session, the group discusses the importance of understanding and assuring business outcomes for buyers, as well as the need for a comprehensive approach to value throughout the customer lifecycle. Yockelson emphasizes the importance of building confidence in buying teams and implementing effective change management strategies. He also highlights the shift from ROI to building business cases and the need for scalability in value engagements.


  • Buyers have elevated expectations and want solution providers to help them understand and assure business outcomes.
  • Value selling requires a comprehensive approach that goes beyond just sales and marketing.
  • Building confidence in buying teams and implementing effective change management strategies are crucial for successful value engagements.
  • The shift from ROI to building business cases allows for a more strategic and holistic approach to value.


00:00.    Introduction
00:23.    Buyer Expectations and Value
03:17.    Challenges in Value Selling
04:06.    Comprehensive Approach to Value
05:27.    Importance of Value in QBRs
06:24.    Evolution from ROI to Business Cases
08:43.    Difference Between ROI and Business Cases
09:06.    Importance of Confidence in Business Cases
10:51.    Building Confidence in Buying Teams
12:46.    Change Management and Assurance
14:06.    The Missing Piece: Change Management
15:05.    Instrumenting Solutions for Value Realization
16:30.    Scaling Value Engagements
18:05.    Conclusion

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