Episode 43: Leveraging Value Selling and Realization to Accelerate LAER

Steve Frost Value Coffee Talk Podcast

Podcast Description

How important is value selling and realization to LAER success?

In this episode of the Value Coffee Talk podcast, Thomas Pisello and April Morley interview Steve Frost, a go-to-market consultant and former vice president of TSIA. They discuss the concept of LAER (Land, Adopt, Expand, Renew), which was coined by TSIA.

LAER emphasizes the importance of customer adoption and value realization throughout the customer lifecycle, particularly in subscription-based and cloud-based offerings. 

The trio especially explore the challenges of renewals in the current market and provide recommendations for overcoming this with a value-based approach to LAER.

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  • LAER (Land, Adopt, Expand, Renew) is a framework that emphasizes the importance of customer adoption and value realization throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Renewals in subscription-based and cloud-based offerings are high-stakes events that require proactive engagement and a focus on proving value.
  • Organizations should integrate best practices into their systems and processes to ensure consistency and scalability.
  • The handoff from pre-sales to post-sales is critical and should include a clear understanding of why the customer bought and the value they expect to achieve.
  • Measuring and dashboarding value can help overcome LAER challenges, drive adoption and deliver better renewals and expansion opportunities.
  • Salespeople should not be solely responsible for driving adoption; it requires a cross-functional effort and a process-driven approach.

Sound Bites

“Holding on to the revenue base you have is about as critical as anything you can do in a subscription world”

“A new 23 year old renewal specialist negotiating against a global procurement agent at a telco is like Alabama playing against South Alabama.”



00:00    Introduction and Sponsorship

00:57    Introducing Steve Frost and the LAER Framework

09:07    Challenges and Strategies for Renewals

12:34    Driving Adoption of Best Practices

18:02    Integrating Best Practices into Systems and Processes

20:24    Measuring and Dashboarding Value

23:11    The Critical Handoff and Process-Driven Approach

24:28    Driving Further Adoption of Best Practices

26:46    Closing Remarks and Conclusion

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