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Episode 39: A CRO Perspective – Bridging the Value Gap for Financial Services Success

Joy Wilder Lybeer

Podcast Description

How does a revenue leader mobilize their team for value selling success? In this episode, Thomas Pisello and April Morley interview Joy Wilder-Lybeer, a seasoned chief revenue officer (CRO) and enterprise FinTech executive. The trio discuss the changing landscape of B2B buyers and the need for data and insights to share the impact of solutions.

They also explore the challenges faced by commercial teams in engaging with multiple stakeholders and the importance of prioritization. Joy emphasizes the need to quantify and communicate the financial value of solutions to buyers. They also discuss the role of revenue leaders in mobilizing the organization and working with internal and external teams.

The conversation concludes with insights on developing high-performing sales teams and the importance of clarity, capability, and motivation.

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B2B buyers now require data and insights to understand the impact of solutions on their use cases or problems.

Commercial teams face challenges in engaging with multiple stakeholders and prioritizing their efforts.

Quantifying and communicating the financial value of solutions is crucial in convincing buyers to take action.

Revenue leaders play a key role in mobilizing the organization and working with internal and external teams.

Developing high-performing sales teams requires clarity, capability, and motivation.

Sound Bites

“It’s more about how we can use data and insights to factually share the impact.”

“We have to make sure that we’re helping our clients understand the mathematical, the financial value of what we’re bringing to market in a compelling way.”

“I’m going to write a book one day and it’s going to be called How to Be the Boss When You’re Not because none of us have absolute authority.”


00:00   Introduction and Overview

04:09   Quantifying and Communicating the Financial Value of Solutions

09:06   Mobilizing the Organization and Working with Internal and External Teams

16:26   Developing High-Performing Sales Teams

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