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Episode 38: Weaving the Golden Thread of Value throughout the Customer Journey

Kathy Gawronski

Podcast Description

There is a golden thread of value that should be weaved into all conversations, throughout the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle, both pre-sale and especially post-sale. 

In this interview we talk about this topic with Kathy Gawronski, the VP of Value Engineering and Customer Success at Workforce Software. We discuss the role of value in customer success and how leading both the business value practice and customer success groups may be a new trend as companies come to grips with lower renewal rates and expansion revenue challenges.

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Value practices should offer a range of deliverables, from generic industry profiles to customized enterprise-level business cases.

Building a holistic value story that includes the impact on employee experience and strategic enablement is important.

Challenges in implementing a value program include data management and integrating value deliverables into the sales motion.

Weaving the value thread throughout the entire customer journey is crucial for success.
Collaboration across teams is essential for effectively delivering value to customers.

Sound Bites

“We’re really trying to build out our value story to be a bit more holistic and comprehensive as far as what’s the rest of the story? What’s the impact on employee experience?”
“We are seeing phase-based buying motions. We are seeing our customers aligning their buying motion with the value realized from previous waves.”
“Our value engineers are measured on sales success, while our customer success managers are measured on retention.”


00:00.  Introduction
01:02   Value Practice and Program
05:52   Aligning Buying Motion with Value Realization
07:43   Different Metrics for Value Engineers and Customer Success Managers
13:27   Challenges in Implementing a Value Program
20:14   The Importance of Collaboration
21:06   Advice for the Enterprise Value Collective
22:10   Closing Remarks

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