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Episode 32: Driving Cross-Functional Responsibility for your Value Program

Value Coffee Talk Covers - Marchelle Varamini

Podcast Description

How do you evolve from a business case factory to a true value program office?

In this episode, Thomas Pisello and April Morley interview Marchelle Varamini, the VP of Value at Amplitude.

The conversation reviews Marchelle’s new role and the importance of value program maturity. 

The trio also talk about using customer success stories for content engagements, driving value in go-to-market and marketing, the role of value in product, the impact of CRO focus on value, the importance of a comprehensive charter, and Marchelle’s advice for value practitioners.

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  • Value program maturity is important for the success of an organization.
  • Using customer success stories can help drive value and validate the value motion.
  • Value should be integrated into go-to-market and marketing efforts.
  • Value should be present in the product and the product development process.
  • CRO focus on value is crucial for expanding the impact of value across the organization.
  • Having a comprehensive charter can help the organization understand the role of value.
  • Be bold and proactive in driving value throughout the organization.


00:00     Introduction

00:55     New Role at Amplitude

05:18     Driving Value in Go-to-Market and Marketing

08:27     Value in Product

12:28     CRO Focus on Value

16:27     Importance of a Comprehensive Charter

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