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Episode 33: Chief Customer Officer Perspective – How Valuable is Customer Success? 

Matt Edwards Value Coffee Talk Podcast

Podcast Description

Is Customer Success still valuable?

In this episode, Matt Edwards, Chief Customer Officer at Defense Storm, discusses the challenges and value of customer success in today’s business landscape. He highlights the shift in funding and the need for customer success to prove its worth in terms of revenue and value delivery. 

Edwards emphasizes the importance of embracing the question of what customer success does and justifying its value to the organization. He also discusses the use of mutual contracts, the role of QBRs (business reviews), and the quantification of ROI in customer success.

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  • Customer success groups are facing challenges due to funding shifts and the need for better paths to profitability.
  • Customer success leaders should embrace the question of what customer success does and justify its value to the organization.
  • Mutual contracts can help establish a partnership approach in customer success engagements.
  • QBRs (business reviews) provide an opportunity to up-level conversations, agree on a successful path forward, and assess customer sentiment and referenceability.
  • Quantifying the value of customer success can be challenging but is important for justifying its worth.
  • Frameworks for quantification should be adaptable to the audience and tie back to the customer’s perceived value.

Sound Bites

  • “What can we do without customer success? That’s a big question right now.”
  • “Customer success leaders should really embrace the question, what does customer success do? What is your value to the organization?”
  • “Business reviews are incredibly valuable, especially when you are in a very technical sale.”


00:00    Introduction and Overview

01:12    Renewal Shortfalls and Challenges in Customer Success

03:55    Embracing Mutual Contracts in Customer Success

05:42    The Role of QBRs in Customer Success

08:46    Quantifying the Value of Customer Success

10:15    Challenges in Quantification and the Importance of Frameworks

15:53    Closing Remarks and Call to Action

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