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Episode 31: Implementing a Value Program – One Step at a Time

Value Coffee Talk Cover Clayton Slagle

Podcast Description

What are some of the key tactics you can use to drive value program success?

In this episode of the Value Coffee Talk podcast, Thomas Pisello and April Morley interview Clayton Slagle, Vice President of Business Value Consulting at Baxter Planning. 

They discuss various topics related to value consulting and value engagement methodology. Clayton shares insights on the role of the value consulting team in the discovery process, overcoming seller apprehension, quantifying supply chain risk, and establishing a content base for sales enablement. He also emphasizes the importance of selling internally and externally with value. 

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  • Value engagement methodology should be integrated throughout the entire sales cycle, starting with discovery.
  • Overcoming seller apprehension in the discovery process requires demonstrating the benefits of value engagement and aligning with the seller’s goals.
  • Quantifying supply chain risk and other value drivers can help motivate change and alignment in the customer’s organization.
  • Sales enablement should focus on storytelling and automating number crunching, while tailoring content to each customer’s needs.


00:00     Introduction

00:26     Mission of the Enterprise Value Collective

01:24     Clayton’s Value Consulting Practice at Baxter Planning

03:57     Role of Value Consulting Team in Discovery Process

04:31     Overcoming Seller Apprehension in Discovery

05:04     Motivation for Change and Alignment in Discovery

06:05     Quantifying Supply Chain Risk

07:22     Priorities for Growing the Value Consulting Team

13:58     Establishing the Content Base for Sales Enablement

19:28     Selling Internally and Externally with Value

20:22     Closing Remarks

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