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Episode 30: The Need for AI Business Value

Rosalie Girard Microsoft Copilot AI

Podcast Description

When it comes to AI, Gartner reports that a lack of business value is the number one barrier to greater adoption and solution provider success. 

In this podcast interview with Rosalie Girard, a Value Director for Microsoft Copilot AI solutions, we discuss the importance and challenges of AI business value. As well, as a value leader, we discuss the great career path of becoming a value consultant and leader can be for women.

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In this coffee talk conversation, the group discusses the challenges and opportunities in AI adoption. They discuss the roadblocks to AI adoption, the importance of articulating the impact of AI, and the challenges in applying AI within organizations.

They also explore the benefits of a career in value consulting and the importance of building a diverse value consulting team.

The conversation highlights the role of value in executive leadership and emphasizes the value of intellectual curiosity in the field of value consulting.


  • The lack of ROI is a major roadblock to AI adoption in enterprises.

  • Articulating the impact of AI is crucial in overcoming skepticism and generating interest from potential customers.

  • Prescriptive use cases for AI can help organizations understand the challenges being solved and the outcomes that can be achieved.

  • A career in value consulting offers the opportunity to apply industry experience and problem-solving skills to help customers realize value.


00:00    Introduction

01:03    The Roadblock for AI Adoption

04:12    Challenges in Applying AI

05:24    Prescriptive Use Cases for AI

07:14    Benefits of a Career in Value Consulting

09:15    Building a Diverse Value Consulting Team

10:32    Diversity in the Field of Value Consulting

13:29    The Importance of Value in Executive Leadership

15:12    Intellectual Curiosity in Value Consulting

17:34    Closing Remarks

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