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Episode 3: From Big to Small – Transitioning to a Differently-Sized Value Program

Value Coffee Talk Cover - Scott Jeffries

Podcast Description

When you migrate from a big firm and value consulting / engineering practice to a smaller firm, there are many differences, opportunities and unique challenges.

What should you consider before taking the leap? How do you prepare for and succeed in this new environment?

In this value coffee talk interview, value leader Scott Jeffries discusses his experience in making the leap, from running a large value management practice to creating a new value enablement program from scratch at a much smaller firm.

Our guest Scott Jeffries is the Head of Global Value Advisory at the remote collaboration firm Miro, and a value veteran of Slack, NetSuite and SAP to name a few. He leverages his experience of building value programs in both large and small provider environments to dish out some great insights and advice.

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In this conversation, the group explores the differences in infrastructure, execution, and evangelization between large and small organizations. Scott shares his experiences and offers advice on understanding the company, adapting to different environments, and building a multi-year plan. The episode emphasizes the importance of leadership, communication, and continuous learning in value programs.


  • Transitioning from big to small companies requires adapting to differences in infrastructure, execution, and evangelization.
  • Understanding the company and its unique challenges is crucial when starting a value program in a smaller organization.
  • Building a multi-year plan with clear pillars and tying it to the company’s strategic initiatives helps communicate the breadth of a value program.
  • Taking charge of the value charter and evangelizing the program are essential for success in smaller organizations.


00:00.    Introduction and Overview
01:03.    Guest Introduction
02:01.    Transitioning from Big to Small Companies
03:06.    Challenges in the Transition
05:56.    Product-Driven vs Sales-Driven Organizations
07:22.    Adapting to Different Environments
09:10.    Lessons Learned and What Could Have Been Done Differently
11:12.    Avoiding the Pitfall of Checking the Value Box
12:08.    Building a Multi-Year Plan
14:29.    Taking Charge of the Value Charter
16:23.    Advice for Transitioning from Big to Small Companies
17:23.    Closing Remarks

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