Episode 2: Bridging the Value Gap

Value Coffee Talk Cover - Stephen Timme

Podcast Description

There remains an unfortunate and growing divide, between what buyers want and need to make faster, better decisions (a more outcome based approach), and what solution providers and sellers are delivering (features and price) – the Value Gap.

In this value coffee talk we interview Dr. Stephen Timme, a longtime value entrepreneur, discussing the growing shortfall perceptions, and how to best bridge the Value Gap for competitive advantage.

Our guest Dr. Stephen Timme is the CEO and Founder of Finlistics, providing financial insights to build customer engagement around value and outcomes. In this discussion he shares his research and personal experiences in helping solution providers and sellers overcome the value articulation challenge and build value success.

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The conversation highlights the challenges sellers face in meeting buyers’ needs and the widening gap between them. The importance of understanding the buyer’s business, providing fresh insights, and making their lives easier is emphasized. The episode also explores the role of executives and the need for a customer-first culture. The importance of changing expectations, sales training, and enabling sellers with the right tools and information is discussed. The episode concludes with advice on defining the North Star and measuring success.



  • Buyers want sellers to provide fresh insights and solutions that they don’t already know.
  • Sellers are falling short in meeting buyers’ needs, with only 25% truly understanding their customers’ goals and strategies.
  • The gap between buyers and sellers is widening, despite the investment in sales training and enablement.
  • To close the gap, sellers need to understand the buyer’s business, provide value beyond the business case, and build trust and relationships.


00:00.    Introduction
01:21.    Buyer Perspective
03:09.    Sellers Falling Short
05:36.    Challenges in Closing the Gap
08:01.    Changing Expectations and Role of Executives
10:26.    Sales Training and Enablement
12:36.    The Importance of Fuel in Closing the Gap
15:16.    Value Beyond the Business Case
17:10.    Defining the North Star
18:54.    Closing Remarks

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