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Episode 29: How Good Value Discovery Leads to Great Demos

Peter Cohan Great Demos

Podcast Description

How do you deliver great demos every time?

In this episode of the Value Coffee Talk podcast, Thomas Pisello and April Morley interview Peter E. Cohan, author of the book ‘Great Demo,’ about the importance of effective software demonstrations. 


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In this coffee talk conversation, the group discusses the expectations of buyers when they request a demo and the negative effects of ‘show up and throw up’ demos. The dialogue emphasizes the need for vision generation demos that focus on the prospect’s pain and desired outcomes. The discussion also highlights the importance of collaboration between sales and pre-sales teams and the value of discovery in uncovering tangible elements of value.


  • Effective software demonstrations are crucial in the buyer’s journey.
  • Avoid ‘show up and throw up’ demos that overwhelm buyers with too many features.
  • Focus on vision generation demos that address the prospect’s pain and desired outcomes.
  • Collaboration between sales and pre-sales teams is essential for successful demos.
  • Discovery is key in uncovering tangible elements of value and creating effective demos.


00:00     Introduction and Welcome

00:56     The Importance of Demonstrations in the Buyer’s Journey

04:37     The Negative Effects of ‘Show Up and Throw Up’ Demos

05:32     Avoiding ‘Buying It Back’ and the Importance of Value Conversations

06:37     The Relationship Between Demos and Identifying Potential Outcomes

08:41     Collaboration Between Sales and Pre-Sales Teams

13:28     Refining the Demo to Focus on Pain and Impact

21:59     The Importance of Discovery and Teaming Between Sales and Pre-Sales

23:29     Avoiding Complexity and Focusing on the Fewest Number of Clicks

29:40     The Importance of Discovery and Uncovering Tangible Elements of Value

30:41     Conclusion and Call to Action

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