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Episode 28: A CMO ‘s Perspective: The Product-Led to Value-Centric Marketing Imperative

Scott Turner CMO / Marketing Leader

Podcast Description

When should you shift from product-led to value-centric marketing?

In this Value Coffee Talk interview, Scott Turner, SVP of Marketing for K1X, discusses the challenges of being product-led and the importance of transitioning to a value-centric approach for marketing and sales enablement success. 


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In this conversation, Scott shares insights on executing a value-centric strategy, including the use of storytelling and persuasion. Scott also highlights the role of entertainment in conveying value and the challenges faced in the process. Of importance, the dialogue discusses the need for patient leadership and offers advice for those looking to adopt a value-centric marketing and sales enablement approach.


00:00     Introduction

01:06     Challenges of Being Product-Led

05:19     Executing the Value-Centric Approach

08:27     Entertainment and Persuasion

09:14     Importance of Value-Centricity

12:44     Achieving Goals with Value-Centricity

16:03     Challenges in the Process

20:02     Advice for the Enterprise Value Collective

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