Episode 1: The Importance of a Value Lifecycle Approach

Value Coffee Talk - Aaron Froberg

Podcast Description

Value is more than just one thing – like developing a value messaging script, delivering some value selling training, hiring a value consultant or launching a business value spreadsheet. Value is everything.

In this coffee talk we interview value leader Aaron Froberg, to discuss the need to go beyond these singular efforts to “check off the value box” and the importance of taking a customer lifecycle approach. Our guest, Aaron Froberg successfully launched and created the value program for content management provider Egnyte, methodically growing the efforts across marketing, sales, customer success and product, to deliver a Value Lifecycle Approach to value enablement, consulting and management.

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 The conversation covers topics such as embedding value in the company, defining the value lifecycle, the role of customer success, informing product development and pricing, and the potential role of a chief value officer. The key takeaway is to set the stage for a constant evolution of value and to focus on one aspect at a time.


  • Taking a value lifecycle approach is important for embedding value in the company and ensuring a consistent focus on value throughout the customer journey.
  • The value lifecycle includes attracting customers with value, understanding their challenges, presenting a business case, ensuring value realization, and continuously developing products based on customer value.
  • Customer success plays a crucial role in the value lifecycle by conducting value-oriented QBRs and ensuring ongoing value delivery.
  • Product development and pricing should be informed by customer value to ensure that the product meets customer needs and is priced accordingly.


00:00.    Introduction
01:17.    The Importance of a Value Lifecycle Approach
03:09.    Embedding Value in the Company
06:32.    Defining the Value Lifecycle
08:44.    The Role of Customer Success
10:52.    Informing Product Development and Pricing
16:01.    The Role of a Chief Value Officer
17:50.    Key Takeaway: Constant Evolution and Setting Goals

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