Episode 18: From Talking Product to Discovering Value

Value Coffee Talk with Alex Smith

Podcast Description

All too often, sellers will ask a few high level questions, and barely wait for the answers before jumping into the pitch and demo. Unfortunately, this lack of curiosity and diagnosis leads to spending too much time on the wrong deals, and worse, leads to “no decision” outcomes and decision delays. 

So after all the training and content, why aren’t sellers adopting discovery the way they should? 

In this conversation with Alex Smith of value automation platform provider CUVAMA, we discuss their latest research on sales discovery and enablement, digging into what the results mean and outlining ways to overcome the discovery gap.

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The conversation highlights the struggles that sellers face in performing effective discovery and the gaps in their enablement. The episode concludes with suggestions on how to solve the discovery gap and improve sales effectiveness.
  • Effective discovery is crucial for winning deals, accelerating sales cycles, and driving customer success.
  • Sellers often struggle with engaging customers, uncovering the impact and outcomes, and identifying critical pain points.
  • The gap in discovery enablement is a key factor contributing to sellers’ performance issues.
  • To solve the discovery gap, sellers should lead with a point of view, focus on metrics and outcomes, and leverage customer stories.
00:00.   Introduction
00:55.   Importance of Discovery
02:18.   The Impact of Discovery
04:41.   Performance of Sellers in Discovery
07:22.   Struggles in Discovery
10:54.   Gaps in Discovery Enablement
14:06.   Dimensions of Discovery Around Value
18:33.   Solving the Discovery Gap
23:31.   Closing Remarks

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