Episode 17: Why Sales Execs Need Business Value

David Brock

Podcast Description

Why should sales executives put extra emphasis on value selling in 2024? 

In this Value Coffee Talk we ask this question of sales strategy consultant and author of The Sales Manager Survival Guide David Brock, to get his insights on why value has become more important than ever, and why extra emphasis needs to be placed on it in 2024.

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The conversation covers topics such as uncertainty in the selling environment, aligning sales and customer success with outcomes, the emotional connection and trust in sales, moving towards relationship-based sales, and the resurgence of services in SaaS companies. The key takeaway is to focus on the customer and what they are trying to achieve, as that is where the greatest value is created.
  • Sales executives are facing challenges due to uncertainty in the economy and the impact of AI in certain segments.
  • Customers are dealing with complexity and risk, leading to fear of making the wrong decision.
  • Sales leaders can help align sales and customer success teams by understanding the customer’s change management initiative and providing support and confidence.
  • The emotional connection and trust in sales are critical for customer success.
  • Some organizations are moving towards relationship-based sales and focusing on the entire customer success journey.
  • SaaS companies are recognizing the importance of services and forming partnerships to provide a holistic solution.
  • The key advice is to focus on the customer and what they are trying to achieve, rather than just the product.
  • The human-to-human connection in sales is becoming even more valuable in the face of AI.
00:00.   Introduction
01:14.   Top Challenges for Sales Executives in 2024
04:19.   Uncertainty in the Selling Environment
05:26.   Aligning Sales and Customer Success with Outcomes
08:50.   The Emotional Connection and Trust in Sales
12:27.   Moving Towards Relationship-Based Sales
17:31.   The Resurgence of Services in SaaS Companies
21:28    Key Advice: Focus on the Customer
23:18.   Closing Remarks

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