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Episode 16: Motivating for Change: Accelerating Value Adoption

Value Coffee Talk podcast with Tim Ohai

Podcast Description

How do you get your sellers and success reps to adopt your new value programs? 

In this episode we chat with executive consultant and performance coach Tim Ohai about change management. As we discuss this hot topic, we expose what gets in the way of change initiatives, how to motivate change, and how important different learning styles are to adopting change.


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n this episode, Tim Ohai discusses the challenges of getting sellers to change their behavior in an uncertain economy. He emphasizes the importance of clarity in articulating the problem and motivating the team. Tim also highlights the need for empowerment and trust-building to create an environment where the team can be successful. He explains the role of clarity in empowerment and engagement and the psychological factors that influence change. Tim concludes by urging leaders to treat sellers as human beings and tap into their core psychological truths.


  • Clarity is essential in articulating the problem and motivating the team to change.
  • Empowerment and trust-building are crucial for creating an environment where the team can be successful.
  • The why and purpose are important in driving engagement and change.
  • Dealing with critics requires understanding their need for control and addressing their concerns.
  • Treating sellers as human beings and understanding their psychological truths is key to driving change.


00:00.    Introduction
00:56.    The Difficulty of Getting Sellers to Change
03:06.    Articulating the Problem and Motivating the Team
05:59.    The Importance of Clarity and Success Metrics
07:42.    Approaching Change in Sales
09:18.    Building a Foundation of Empowerment and Trust
11:40.    The Role of Clarity in Empowerment and Engagement
13:45.    The Psychological Factors in Change
15:32.    The Importance of the Why and Purpose
18:05.    Dealing with Critics and Building Momentum
21:42.    Treating Sellers as Human Beings
22:48.    Closing and Call to Action

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