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Episode 12: Leveraging the Language of Value for Selling Success

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Podcast Description

How much does having the right language help with Value Selling?

 In this Value Coffee Talk podcast we chat with veteran Value Leader Bill Liebler (NetSuite Oracle) about the importance of value language proficiency, and how essential it is to better prospect engagements and driving wins. 

We discuss how he got sellers to better understand and leverage this language for success with his “Buzz Words” program, and the impacts of getting “the language of value” right.

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The conversation covers topics such as asking good questions, listening to customers, understanding their pain points, and qualifying prospects. It emphasizes the need for business acumen and the ability to speak in the customer’s language. The episode also introduces the Buzzwords program, which helps sellers ask the right questions and dig deeper into customer challenges. The importance of curiosity, continuous development, and embracing the language of value throughout the commercial team is highlighted.


  • The language of value involves asking good questions and listening to customers to understand their pain points and motivations.
  • Business acumen is crucial in identifying and addressing customer challenges and pain points.
  • Peeling the onion and asking deeper questions helps sellers uncover the true value proposition for customers.
  • Speaking in the customer’s language and articulating deliverables in their terms is key to effective value communication.
  • Curiosity and a desire for development are important traits for sellers to embrace the language of value.


00:00.   Introduction
00:29.   The Language of Value
02:28.   Importance of Understanding the Language of Value
03:09.   Business Acumen and Qualifying Prospects
04:42.   Peeling the Onion and Asking Deeper Questions
05:19.   Values in the Eye of the Beholder
07:26.   Speaking in the Customer’s Language
08:26.   Dealing with Resistance and Unknowns
10:51.   The Buzzwords Program
15:53.   Curiosity and Desire for Development
16:23.   Resistance and Progress
18:29.   Advice on Embracing the Language of Value
19:59.   Expanding the Language of Value to the Commercial Team
20:14.   Conclusion

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