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Value Consulting firm Genius Drive adds April Morley as Founder and Partner


Innovation and Thought-Leadership unites with Change Management and Scaling Expertise to Drive Unrivaled Value Program Performance

New York, NY – October 5, 2023 – Genius Drive, a trailblazer in inspired value storytelling solutions, proudly announces the onboarding of April Morley as Founder and Partner. With her exceptional track record in value selling, engineering, and strategy, Morley’s partnership is poised to bring unparalleled capabilities to Genius Drive’s mission.

A recognized innovator with over a decade in the B2B software sector, Morley has previously designed, launched, and scaled a global value engineering program for a notable Russell 2000 analytics software provider. Under her leadership, commercial teams have significantly influenced over $300M in annual revenue, doubling deal sizes and boosting win rates by 20+ percentage points.

Holding an impressive academic background, Morley graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Florida and earned her MBA from Duke University. Her extensive international exposure, studying and working across Europe and Asia, and her in-depth study of global business practices, has given her a rich perspective on business strategy.

April Morley shared, “With 15 years of global work experience, I’ve always strived for enhancing productivity, inspiring high-performing teams, and directing strategic initiatives for rapid enterprise software growth. Partnering with Genius Drive aligns seamlessly with my vision of elevating customer experiences, fostering collaboration, and promoting digital transformation.”

Joining forces with Tom Pisello, popularly known as “The ROI Guy,” Genius Drive is set to redefine the parameters of value storytelling. Pisello, with his impressive entrepreneurial credentials as the former Founder and CEO of Alinean (Mediafly) and Interpose (Gartner), author of the business books “Evolved Selling” and “The Frugalnomics Survival Guide”, and the brains behind the “Evolved Selling Institute,” is a pioneer and thought leader in value marketing, selling and automation.

The partnership between Morley, a change management expert with a flair for program development, and Pisello, an authority in value storytelling and automation, is set to enhance Genius Drive’s offering. The company’s central tenet, to shepherd customers through the entire value lifecycle, is now significantly bolstered with the dual expertise.

Genius Drive’s goals of crafting distinct value stories, training teams, developing quantification models, and establishing impactful value programs are set to be realized and accelerated.

About Genius Drive

Genius Drive is a pioneering advisory and consulting firm, committed to empowering B2B solution providers to better articulate value in each customer engagement and throughout the buyer’s journey. From ideating distinct value storytelling, to delivering training, automating processes, and delivering support success, Genius Drive ensures value program acceleration and performance throughout the value lifecycle.

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