The ROI Guy Launches Genius Drive


A Consultancy That Helps Solution Providers Articulate Business Value Outcomes to Prospects and Customers

Winter Park FL – March 27, 2023 – Tom Pisello, better known as the ROI Guy, has launched Genius Drive Inc, a consultancy that aims to help marketing, sales, and customer success teams effectively communicate and quantify the value of solutions to new prospects and existing customers.

The Genius Drive Inspired Value Storytelling program offers a best practice framework, services, and tools that help solution providers bridge the value gap and differentiate their offerings in a crowded marketplace.

In a challenging economic environment with constrained budgets, buyers need to understand the economic benefits that any proposed solution can deliver and validate that ongoing services are delivering as promised to justify continued renewals. Unfortunately, many solution providers still focus on what their solutions do, instead of what buyers want to understand – the outcomes that the solutions can and have delivered.

To address this issue, Genius Drive provides a comprehensive program that optimizes value enablement and management programs to help improve win rates, reduce sales cycles, improve retention, and boost up/cross-sell rates. The program includes assessments, messaging, content creation, enablement, and engagement services that allow solution providers to transition from pitching products and services to effectively articulating differentiating value across marketing, sales, and customer success.

Genius Drive is founded by Tom Pisello, author of the books “Evolved Selling: Optimizing Sales Enablement in the Age of Frugalnomics”  and “The Frugalnomics Survival Guide: How to Use Your Unique Value to Market Better, Stand Out and Sell More”. According to Tom Pisello, “solution providers who transcend from pitching features to articulating value will win and retain an outsized amount of business in this constrained environment and beyond.”

The Genius Drive Inspired Value Storytelling program is offered as a service, providing consulting and engagement services to optimize value articulation and improve marketing, sales, and success performance at an economic, fixed monthly fee. Select services are also available on an a-la-carte basis to provide fast-start value enablement programs.

“Genius Drive acts as an essential extension of our team, helping us to quickly codify our unique value story and transition our team from selling products to collaborating with our customers on savings and positive financial outcomes”, according to Ken Powell, Chief Revenue Officer for K1x , the leading data distribution platform for alternative investments. “With Genius Drive we rapidly enabled our marketing content to inspire action, and empowered our new sales team with the tools needed to credibly communicate and quantify our unique value to prospects.”

“As we launched our new fund, we had to create compelling storytelling, explaining our differentiating value to new prospects.” says Neil Menard, Partner, President of Global Distribution for alternative investment firm StepStone Group. “Leveraging Tom’s messaging expertise and services, we codified our customer’s challenges and built compelling infographics, presentations and more to prove the value of our new solution, improve customer engagement and grow our business at record levels”.

About Genius Drive

Genius Drive is a leading provider of Inspired Value Storytelling as a Service (IVSaaS) solutions. Our comprehensive program is designed to help providers articulate the value of their solutions to even the most frugal prospects and customers.

We leverage our best practice framework, services, and tools to create, accelerate, and optimize value enablement and management programs for solution providers. Our mission is to help our clients improve their win rates, reduce sales cycles, improve retention, and boost up/cross sell rates.

Genius Drive has a proven track record of success with a wide range of clients, including financial services firms like Conversus (a Stepstone Company) and PFM Asset Management (a division of US Bank), technology platform EverView, and startup financial technology firm K1x.

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